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I’m finally in the world of wordpress.  Again, this would take a bit of kinda-getting-used-to just like my first time in friendster then in multiply then now in facebook.  Speaking of facebook, I havent got the hang of it!  I recently seldom visit social networks that I havent exactly studied how facebook works.  What I do whenever I visit?  I just accept requests from friends.  Unlike in friendster, this has got not only friend requests but also poke requests, birthday requests, charms requests, strawberry requests….all kinds of requests…I guess this makes it much more entertaining!  Im just so confused at the (seemingly) thousands of posts in my inbox…cus I can see everyone’s wall!

Anyway, what a boring first blog.

I actually finally got around having my own account here (actually my sis registered me) cus I feel like posting my wedding countdown.  Yes, guys, im finally getting M-A-R-R-I-E-D.  Si Ms. D Mapirme has finally, willingly and lovingly decided to settle down…=)

Okay!  Enough with my first post.  But wait, the graphic part of my blog will need some time to actually be appealing.  I toldya, I just dont have time right now to regularly go web browsing.

I guess that’s it for now!


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