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I’m being a good girl.  I’m resisting every urge to contact Redsheep just because I want to finalize our photographer.  Funny that brides actually  do get sleepless nights over supposedly trivial matters like this one. 

But since I super like Redsheep’s attitude and I understand that newly-wed couples should be given ample space and time weeks before, during and weeks after their wedding, I’ll content myself with just checking their website every now and then (okay, EVERYDAY) and constantly looking at my calendar until “mid-April” per Guj’s request.

Haaay…I swear that the moment Guj and Chikoy finally decided to remove their “don’t disturb sign”, I’m gonna book them right away.  =D


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Weddings At Work

It’s unfair that I can’t narrate in details how unforgettable this event was because of (again) my work deadlines.

Needless to say, we had fun!  It was haaard to convince Noly to come with me, but fortunately, at the last minute, he went along!  As usual, it was never comfortable dressing up…but I guess our photos sure made the pain of dressing up all worthwhile!

Anyway, I guess I just have to settle with my photo narration of the event.  =D  We went there at around 8p.m. (yes, we were late).  Luckily sisses Pinky and Shi were already there to save us seats.  =)  Fernbrooks was well-managed.  But the map directions was baaadd…also, it didnt quite duplicate the charm of Fernwoods, its predecessor.

Anyway, upon entering the huge venue, we were treated to a red carpet photo c/o jorge (ong?):

red carpet

We went inside and met up with Pinky and Shi…then was escorted to the “banquet hall” where there was just T-O-N-S of food c/o Josiah’s etc. (Joy San Gabriel and Sugarbox for the cake, another supplier for the lechon, for the fried noodles etc etc etc!!!).  Ang dami!  And our uncomfortable clothes just didn’t get in the way for a major food trip!  Gluttony, is my favorite sin…hehehehe…

Noly and I excused ourselves to get desserts but it took time for us to return to our table, because, guess what?  We discovered tons of free photobooths!  Camwhore that we are, we jumped from one photobooth to another!  Here are some pictures that I was able to scan and upload:


First stop:  Clique photobooth.  Three photos every five seconds.   Next: Partypics..this one’s with a free cardboard frame:


Next: Smile photo…6 photos every five seconds!  Phew!



Then Snapphoto…when we got the print out, Noly instructed me to NEVER show my parents this photo, well, atleast until we got married…I guess you know why…hehe..


Then this last one was taken after eating.  We caught up with Pinky and Bonnie patrolling the photobooths.  =)  Notice how much fun we were having.  =)

with pinky and bonnie

Pinky and Shi’s digicam shots are yet to be uploaded.  Meanwhile, I am forced to mention that my make-up is c/o my sister..hehe…That’s it for now! 

I can’t wait to wrap up this audit season!  I’m sooo tired of working!  ;(

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no,uh,no staircases for me

While most brides dream of walking down a looong staircase after being prepped up for the ceremony, I cringe at the idea.

Fact: I have this enormous trauma on staircases.  When I was in first year high school, I have this series of bad luck, with me ending up sprawled at the bottom of three staircases: once in our building during lunch time, once in our house and once inside a church, during a mass – all in a few months.  I almost don’t have much time to recuperate from one fall to another!  Ever since then, I’m seriously frightened going down the stairs that I’d literally slap someone in the face if he/she would attempt to play a joke on me while I’m concentrating on going down.

Fact:  Before Bella (of Twilight) ever came into existence, I’m a certified klutz.  I’d trip wearing my most comfortable shoes on the flattest surfaces, I’d make a big mess over hot choco while merely sitting at the corner of the safest place in the world, I’d splatter everyone with toyo by just reaching for the serving spoon during dinner time, etc., etc.

Imagine how dreadful it is for me to walk down a grand staircase, with a huge wedding gown and veil, in a pair of high heels, with one hand holding a bouquet, and concentrating real hard to look elegant, comfortable and giggly.  Heck, I don’t even like the idea of walking down the aisle alone for fear of tripping or slipping over something!

Huge staircases, therefore is a major no-no for me.  Not for this bride, honey…

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I’m almost giving up in my goal to give a detailed update from the day of our engagement to the present.  There’s just so many things to say and so little time to do it!

Right now, I still have one entry in my draft folder, already in its two weeks, waiting to be posted.  I can’t just breeze through this one entry since I plan to post my detailed notes during my venue hunting – pros and cons plus peso power.  =)  I just feel like posting about this ‘cus when I was still in that stage (looking for venues), I was hoping that I would stumble upon a blog providing me with more than an overview of venues.

However,  (sabi nga ng shout-out ko sa ym: “pumapangit sa audit”),  I just don’t have the time to finish that post.  Heck, I don’t even have the luxury to file a sick leave even if it’s literally killing me!  I swear that after this sinumpang audit season, I’d give myself a break! 

I realized that, besides the wedding preps, I don’t have much to write about.  The nomads in me is ‘being held in custody, kicking and screaming’.  I miss the impulsive travels that we used to have.  I miss the mountains, beaches, long rides, fresh air, sunsets witnessed through different points of view (and altitudes for that matter), our 5-year-old tent (still surviving, baby!), the group, Ben’s sopas, piniritong breaded manok and adobo, the never-ending picture-taking, my headlamp (R.I.P.), my first climbing (Lagalag) shorts and trekking (Tribu) sandals (both in a coma), my trekking pole na lagi ko rin naman iniicha pag nahihirapan na ako, the adventure races, the language barrier (‘do you have coffee? coh-ffeeh? ko-pi? drink? brown? ko-pi? yessss…that one…’), the ‘granma’ tradition, my cellphone holder, the all-purpose malong, sleeping on a hammock…and looking tan afterwards.  Hayyy…;(

Nowadays, it’s just me, the financial statements, the endless deadlines, my various health problems, my calamansi juice, vitamin c and strepsils to cope with my health problems, my almost weekly clinic trips (and my resistance to take medicines), weekends spent on overtime, my sleepfests on weekends that I can’t go overtime…and looking like the “before” model of stresstabs afterwards.

Beat that for a painfully boring (or shall I say non-existent) social life…ho-huummm…

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I Just Noticed…

…That I don’t have much photos to make my blog more interesting…hmmm…sorry…I’d do better next time.  =)

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Then Came W@W…

Let’s do a rewind: Early 2008, my college barkada, Maris De Guzman (now Mrs. Jurada), has confirmed that she’s getting married in December 2008 and Vhane and I will be part of the entourage.  She’s an overseas bride (she and her husband work in Dubai) yet whenever I ask her about her preps, she’d answer as if she’s in the Philippines and in total in control with her wedding!  Now, I think I’ve mentioned a hundred times already that I’m a frustrated wedding planner or atleast an events organizer.  Ever since a kid, I’d always loved the thrill of organizing an event, from the planning and conceptualizing to the ever fulfilling BIG day.  So anyway, we often exchanged mails or sometimes even chat online and, among other things, I have always asked her about her wedding planning – perhaps I’m the only non-bride who’s more than willing to listen to her wedding prep kwentos.  She then mentioned that it’s actually a lot easier to plan ‘cus she found out about a Pinoy on-line community, which is a support group for soon-to-wed couples – of course, most of the members are brides.  I remember her telling me, “Naku, Pot, kung kayo ikakasal na, magjoin ka ng w@w…ako, wala naman akong alam sa wedding preps eh, lahat ng suppliers ko nakuha ko lang sa w@w – take note, overseas ako!”.  I must say, that was the best advise I got re wedding preps!  I’m not sure if other nations have a similar online community ‘cus if they don’t, Pinoys are definitely swerte!

Anyway, when I started looking for venues (pre-Pamamanhikan), I still didn’t find the need to join the group.  After all, I was just doing a little research out of excitement.  When I told Maris about the engagement, she reminded me that I should join w@w.  However, I still didn’t get around doing it.  Weeks after, I tried joining w@w using my office email but somehow, I wasnt successful in my registration.  After some more dillydallying (and some more frustrated attempts to register my office email), I decided to create a new yahoo email with the sole purpose of having it registered to w@w.  This time, when I registered, it was effortless.  I later realized that it was a blessing in disguise ‘cus in my first day, I was amazed (‘amazed’ is actually a euphemism) at how many emails I got in half a day!  There were just so many ideas and inquiries from brides to brides that it was overwhelming!

But after a few days, I did get the hang of it and actually paid attention to each post..and it was rewarding.  Even if you don’t join in the discussion, you’d learn tons of ideas – ideas which you never knew existed!

Let’s face it, not all Pinoys are born Zobels.  Approximately 8 out of 10 engaged couples are planning within a budget.  Most couples are actually paying for their wedding, without the help (or should I say, refusing to ask for help) of their parents!  Wedding planning, in my opinion, is actually a training ground for couples to think as one, to respect each other’s opinion, to do wise budgetting, to decide on their own – as a couple.  Therefore, you’ll need all the help you can get to know the best deals – best quality at the most affordable prices.

Pre-w@w, we were depressed at how much we thought our dream wedding will cost.  Now that we’ve got w@w, we’re able to cut our budget into half, without sacrificing the “what we want”!…and each day just gets better cus some member will always, gladly, share her ‘best buys’ to all the members!

So if you’re Pinoy and/or planning to have your wedding in the Philippines, I strongly recommend w@w.  You don’t only get cost-cutting techniques here but you are also introduced to fresh ideas, better alternatives, ready solutions to your dilemma, support whenever you’re down, share your excitement etc. etc.  If you’re not Pinoy, well, I guess there’s no harm in joining (hehe) OR you may want to start your own yahoogroup!

Anyway, here’s their webbie:


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