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Student Council Board induction back in '92

Student Council Board induction back in '92

Mara Feliciano (fourth from left) made my day when she showed me this pix from one of her Friendster albums.  I literally laughed out loud when I saw this because of how my father looked like – I mean, how cool a dad can one get?!

Of course during that time I was too engrossed in other things that I didn’t realize how cool my parents were.  They are a good-looking couple.  I mean, regardless of how I physically turned out to be, they are good-looking and they don’t go out of the house without looking fab and proud of their own fashion sense.  I don’t mean to brag, but looking back, they actually were, well, COOL…sorry I just can’t think of another term.

But other than that, I am most proud of how they raised and took care of us.  Backgrounder:  My mom and dad were both employed with the normal at-least-8-hrs-per-day job.  They have three kids: my Kuya Chah (five years older than me), my Ate Iyah (two years older than me) and me.  Despite their hectic schedules, whenever we have a school thing, the heck to their jobs, they actually find time to attend our school events!  Of course, I believe that they do it alternately (for a one-parent per student event) so here in the picture, my dad took a day off to attend my induction, which, if you come to think of it, is not as important as a graduation or a First Holy Communion!

I just so love them…=)  Especially now that kids (or former kids) are complaining that their parents don’t give them quality time.

I can still remember once when I joined a spelling bee contest when I was six years old, my Mama didn’t take a VL but was there to watch until the end of the programme.  I was just a kid but I had this feeling that she was nervous that her office will be really mad cus she was fidgeting.  Still, she was all smiles when I ran up to her after the contest.

Of course there are the unavoidable and boring PTA meetings.  Since there are three kids, my Papa will go with one child, my Mama with another and a Yaya will go with the last.  They also make sure that we three kids get an equal chance of being accompanied by a parent so if this time I didn’t get to have a parent companion, the next time, I get to be with either Ma or Pa and one other kid (say Kuya Chah) get to go with a Yaya.

I just loooove my parents.  =D

In the picture (from left)

Robert, Maia, Jenny, Mara, Pot, Joy, Joselito, Net, Jill


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Some people wonder how a mountaineer like me is not too athletic and not into other physical sports except mountain trekking.  Dah-lin, you don’t know how annoyingly clumsy I can get sometimes.

Yesterday, while getting dressed for another OT in the office, I sprained my neck muscle just by abruptly glancing sideways.  Oo, lumingon lang ako and ta-dah I already have this really painful stiff neck…any wrong turn will result to an excruciating pain!  One moment I was just getting ready to work, the next minute Noly and I are on our way to Makati Med!  Haaayyy…

So I went directly to the ER (if you don’t want to deal with the long process of getting approval from your health card, go directly to the ER) and had my check-up.  I was told by Mr. Doctor that he has to give me pain killers for my neck since he noticed that, when he was moving my neck, every little move makes me go “aray, aray, aray”.  So I was ushered to a nurse who asked me to sit down then immediately took out syringes!  I was like “that’s my painkiller? You’re gonna inject me with those???” (first syringe is to penetrate your ugat the other is for the painkiller).  My unsympathetic nurse just answered “Oo.”  with a “So?” look.  I thought “What the—???  Can’t I just have those swallowed pills?  Where’s dolfenal when I needed it???”  Take note, I’m not a fan of medicines cus they are mostly placebos.  But here I was in Makati Med not only taking one but was also subjected to the painful painkiller type.  I was close to arguing with the nurse to just give me pills but thought “Hmmm…maybe my condition was worse than I expected.  Besides, I noticed that the pain was getting worse every minute.”  I didn’t want to refuse the painkillers, then later on come back begging for it.

Next I had my xray.  Fact:  it was years ago since I last had my xray for my then minor scoliosis.  So when I was escorted to the xray room I was already thinking of a happy place since I thought I again have to strip off my upper garments and get into a robe while an xray technician (mostly males) will assist you while having your xray.  But when I got in, look-ah here, it was a robot-like xray!  I don’t have to strip!  Yahoo!!!  I just have to sit down and the robot xray adjusts for me.

Noly and I went back to the ER and waited for the xray results.  Mr. Doctor came back a little later with my results.  He said that I have this super strained neck muscles and that I’m again going to be (forced) injected with muscle relaxants.  I have to lie down, though, since I will get groggy and may even sleep for 30 mins.  Since this was my 2nd time to have medicines injected to me AND it would involve sleeping, I thought “Bring it on!”.

I lied down on one of those ER beds.  Another nurse (a nicer one) took my bp and said “Ma’am pagka-injection po dont stand up ha?  Baka mahilo po kayo.  We’ll inject you with a muscle relaxant.  Valium po alam nyo po yun?”.  My jaw dropped and merely said “Huh?!”  Some people are dying to take Valium, I, on the other hand, don’t exactly have a choice but to take one.  After my initial shock I again thought, “Wait, wait, wait.  D ba there are some people who just take Valium ‘orally’ (tama ba term?)?  Why do you people love to inject???”.  Then here came Mr. Doctor: “Ma’am, medyo mahapdi po eto ha.”, which is okay with me.  Mayabang na ako cus I thought it was just like the first one, which just gave me the “crawling ants sensation”.  My advise: If your doctor says that it’s gonna be painful BELIEVE IT!  I was injected with Valium and I just wanted to scream at Mr. Doctor!  It was sobrang hapdi and it crawls down/up your arms!  Mr. Nice Doctor (ayan dagdag sa pangalan cus he was very sympathetic) afterwards said “I’m so sorry.  Sobrang hapdi talaga eh.”   Naisip ko tuloy “This must be how Bella felt when Edward ‘injected’ her with his venom.”  =D

Now here’s the tricky part and this is what’s most interesting for my friends “How was it like to take Valium?  Were you high?”.  Dang, I don’t think I can ever tell.  I can’t differentiate between being sleepy and getting high because in the first place, I’ve always been the sleepy type.  Yes, I slept after taking the Valium but I would’ve slept anyway if I was asked to lie down on a comfortable bed.  I never experienced the other supposedly drugged experience because I was asleep during the time that I should be having those effects!

So that was my interesting Black Saturday morning.  =)

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The Brat Lurker

As mentioned in my previous posts (not that you’ve bothered to read them hehe), I never saw myself as the feminine type.  Prior to being engaged I always thought that if it’s my time to be a bride, I don’t think I’m gonna feel the same way as normal brides do.  I didn’t think that I will be too specific and persistent with my plans regardless of how trivial they may be.

NOT….apparently, I can still have the tendency to be annoyed by the slightest signs of opposition from Noly or the slightest reaction from him, which show that either he doesn’t get why I’m so into the nitty-gritty of our wedding or if he laughs at my unusual requests (one time, I gave him the cold shoulder for one whole day when he laughed so hard when I told him that a certain church didn’t pass my standards ‘because it doesn’t have a door’).

To my horror, I slowly realized that I can be a bridezilla, if I didn’t get a good grip of my obsessive-compulsive behaviour.  Recently, though, I made it a point that whenever I don’t get my way, I give myself time before I react so that I can also be fair to Noly and be open to his opinions.

oh please...don't let me turn into one...

oh please…don’t let me turn into one…

The Nightmare Myths

I am sometimes appalled by bride nightmares but never did I imagine myself having one.  First, because, I don’t normally remember my dreams.  Second, I felt that I can’t be too stressed to have bride nightmares.  So as far as I was concerned, in my world, I won’t be dealing with nightmares.

Apparently and unfortunately, I discovered that I can also be immune to THAT!  This is such a crazy world…hay!

Where are my invites? =(

Where are my invites? =(

Anyway, two nights ago, in the midst of a very, very, VERY stressful audit season, I had my first ever bridal nightmare.  It annoys me not only because of the very ‘mababaw’ plot (yet it made me feel sooooo depressed while dreaming about it) but also because atleast I’ll understand if I dreamt of a missed work deadlines or the resident office multo (which we just discussed that day) but the wedding?  What the–? It doesn’t make sense because mid-audit, I decided to set it aside because of my seemingly impossible deadlines.

Annoying…really annoying…If my subconscious is telling me that I’m stressed deep inside but I’m just suppressing it, well, honey, SHUT UP!  Hehehehe…multiple personality ba?  But really, I’m too stressed to deal with my supposed bridal fears.

Well, here’s what happened.  We were already in a church.  First stop:  my dress.  It was a simple dress.  It’s not only a dress but a very simple dress.  It was white period.  I let it go because I told myself “With the bird cage, hmmm…I actually look like Jackie O.  Classy…”

Next stop: After the ceremony, WE DIDN’T HAVE A BRIDAL CAR.  We have no idea how to get there.  We were actually considering a taxi or calling one of our guest friends to give us a ride.  Now this was where things got really bloody.  I started freaking out!  I was like “What?!?!  We don’t have a ride?!?!  We don’t know where to get one while we’re under the hot sun, with an unpleasant view of the LRT in the background?!?!”

But naaahhh…it didn’t end there.  While waiting for Noly to deal with our transpo problem, I was trying to remember if we distributed invites before the wedding.  Then it hit me!  OMG!  We still didn’t receive the invites from our supplier!  Our guests therefore didn’t know where our reception was!  And they were all waiting for us!!! Unfortunately, Noly and I also didn’t know where our reception was!  We weren’t even sure if we booked a reception venue!

Then I started crying…the hysterical type of cry…the type which I felt won’t end.  I told Noly that all those more-than-a-year preparations all came to waste.  I told him that we had a long engagement to have the least possible inconveniences but lo and behold…we had the most embarassing wedding any couple would experience!

…then I woke up.  Annoyed and with a really bad mood.  Crap…  I’m a certified bride now.

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Oh Noe!!!

Dang!  We just didn’t have a photo of Noe.  I still haven’t gotten into the habit of taking their pictures (of the suppliers) because I just get too conscious.  Promise upon our dp, I’ll take and post his pix.  =)

Anyway, Noe Reyes is such a gem!!!  To start with, it’s a given that I’ve been waiting DAYS to meet him.  Yep, only days because I can’t wait until after the Holy Week to meet him!  So therefore, I like him!  We’ve been exchanging emails and text messages and he is soooo easy to talk with and he’s very much willing to work within your budget!  From our email correspondences pa lang I knew na hindi sya basta-basta kasi: a.)  Whoa!  He’s superb in the english language and; b.)  He knows what he’s saying and he’s willing to let you in his frame of mind.  He explains every little detail so that non-designers like me will appreciate the process of, well, gown-making (sorry, cant think of a better term)!

So when we got there, ‘day, type ko ang house nya ah.  Maganda!  The first time we met, I was immediately charmed by him because he was all smiles, very machika at mapagbiro.  He was very warm!  So we went inside his house (Noly, my MOH sis, and my Jr. Bridesmaid niece) and sat down his office.  I showed him my ideal gown/s (Filipiniana) and he immediately commented: “Hmmm…there’s something wrong with the upper body”…hehehehe…You just have to love him!  He knows what he’s doing, and he’s not afraid to give his opinion!  Sabi kasi ng sis ko “I knew that there was something wrong but I never figured out what!”.  So he went on saying what’s wrong with it, which I never really understood to this day hehehehe…My sister did get what he was saying.  I guess only artists can understand their kapwa artists.

When I asked him how much, he said “It actually depends on how much your budget is.  I adjust accdg. to a client’s budget cus I don’t want to burden the bride.”  I’m in love with him already at this point…haha!  So I told him my budget and said: “It’s doable!”  Yahoo!!!!!  Take note, the other supposed “budget-friendly” designers quoted me 28k-65k because of the “intricate design”!

The next topic was about my sister’s gown.  My sister is just so maarte with the design of her gown but in a short span of time, she also fell in love with Noe!  You could tell na magka-vibes sila!  While I was watching them converse, you’d think that they were old friends!

My next question for Noe was “How much for my groom’s barong?  Inquire lang but not sure if isama rin namin.”  I specified that we were just inquiring because Noly is the more practical one and it doesn’t matter to him if we get a cheaper barong as long as it is presentable.  But here comes Noe’s effortless charms once again.  He didnt make bola (well, actually, he seems charmed by Noly also hehe) but he just explained to Noly that he should wear barong to complement my Filipiniana gown, that he thinks that he should go for an ecru pants so that he’ll stand-out and went further that he should go for a pair of burgundy colored shoes.  He was saying all these with the idea that “You may not get the barong from me but I recommend that you go with my suggestions wherever you may wish to get his barong.”  His quoted price was reasonable and the fact that Noly is seriously considering having his barong made by Noe is plus 1 million points!!!  By this time, “five stars” na ang review ko kay Noe!  Hehehe.  We then asked Noe about a suit barong, which surprisingly is the same price as the regular barong!  In other mananahi kasi it’s the better barong, therefore, a lot more expensive!  Since Noly doesn’t have an idea on how a suit barong looks like (kami lang ng sis ko kasi nakakita nun), Noe drew a sample, and dang, it looks goooood.  Noly wasn’t expressive as to how charmed he was with Noe and how convinced he is to get him (versus my sister and my super excited reactions after leaving his place), but his two-word reaction (“Pwede sya.”)  sealed our Noe Reyes destiny hehehehe…

To summarize, bridal gown package includes (if I remember correctly):

1.  Of course the gown

2. The primary veil

3. The secondary veil

4. The cord

5. The garter

6. The pillow

7. The headpiece (this is the first time that I heard a designer provide for the bride’s headpiece.  Per Noe “Syempre para total effect.”)

8. The pouch – if the bride asks for it

9. The mannequin – if the bride also asks for it

10.  The Noe Reyes – on your wedding day…Yipeeee!!!!

The Groom’s Barong package includes:

1. The Barong – In Noly’s case, the suit barong made of pina silk

2. The undershirt

3. The pants

The entos are a bit more expensive than Divi (starts at 3.5k) but it’s good to know that the mom’s gowns are also at 3.5k.  In some other designers, mom’s gowns are twice the cost of the entos.

Mode of payment is (hope I get this right):

10% to reserve

50% to confirm(and first fitting?)

25% duirng the first (or second?) fitting

25% upon delivery of the finished product

Fun, fun, fun!

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