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I am so happyyyy!!!

Finally we’re booked with Redsheep Photography and I am just so ecstatic!!!

I immediately told my bestfriend about it and her first question was: “Hindi mo ba pagsisisihan yan?”, which I guess was a sane question because of my ever picky and fickle-minded behaviour on photographers and videographers.  I’m a sucker for memories that’s why, ever since a kid, I’ve always kept newspapers of historical events and have always went ga-ga over museums and ruins.

But it doesn’t end there, our photographer should be as non-conformist as I was and would produce unique shots for Noly and me. 

Fact:  Redsheep/Guj is a newbie wedding photographer, but dang, they/he get/s a 100 times better per wedding!  I just looove checking their/his website because each wedding will always be unique, dramatic and beauuutiful!

To top it all of, Redsheep is very professional, soooo nice and patient, open (and excited) to suggestions and religious!  I just can’t wait to work with them!

Oh, here’s their logo:


Here’s their websites:



And here are just a few of the MANY photos I love from their most recent wedding:

wedding rings

wedding rings

This is how I would like our wedding rings et. al. would be presented.  It shouldn’t be in a traditional, spread-on-bed type of shot.  It should be unique, it should be daring, it should be unexpected.  Here’re two more:

bridal shoes

bridal shoes

wedding dress

wedding dress

Then of course, the candid shot…


I can’t wait for our prenup!  =)


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