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By this time of the year, we may already be having breakfast and resisting every tendency to be stressed!  Noly and I made an agreement that even if we prepared long and hard for our wedding day, on the day itself, WHATEVER HAPPENS, we’ll relax, enjoy and just CELEBRATE the idea that we are officially tying the knot!

This is gonna be real fast, I know.  Once you step on the a-year-to-go timeline, everything will be a blur!  =D


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Down to One!

I deposited our downpayment to our make up artist (Nina Dumpa) just this morning!  I am soooo happy cus since the day that I saw her portfolio, I am just soooo excited to book her!  Of course nagpakipot muna ako and did more research but I just like her style.  =)  Of course since I’m a budget bride, it was just perfect that she is affordable!

I didn’t get a trial hair and make-up (THMU) because of two things:  I trust her enough and I felt that it would be a waste of money to pay P2k for a trial make-up esp if I still have a year prior to our wedding.  Hmmm…I guess if I didn’t end up with Nina, I still would hesitate to do a THMU since make-up artists charge from 1.5k to 2.5k for a trial.  Imagine, if I am to obsessively look for the perfect HMUA, I might spend around 10k just for trials!  So I decided to just do a todo research and NEVER make a dp if I am not completely in love with the HMUA’s works.

Of course, I’ll still do a trial, say, 3-4 months prior to the big day so that we can agree on a certain look.  =)

Anyway, here’re her websites!:




Anyway, back to my subject:  I’m down to one!!!  Since our engagement, I’ve religiously, patiently and sometimes painstakingly did tons of research on On-The-Day suppliers.  OTD  suppliers meaning, THEY MUST BE THERE on your wedding day to deliver the goods and/or provide their services and/or assist you:

1. Church

2. Venue

3. Videographer

4. Photographer

5. Coordinator

6. Make-up Artist

7. Bridal Gown Designer

8. Florist

I’m down to one:  Bridal Gown Designer.  I think I’m gonna book her on the 30th (crossing my fingers and praying real hard!).  Actually, I still haven’t got my florist but since we’re still undecided on what to provide the entos, I can wait until 6 months prior to go Dangwa obsessed.  =)  Ok din so that my Noly and I can rest with cash outflows and just focus on the savings and wedding ring installments.  =)

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