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It’s Gorgeous Jr.’s fault if I can’t sleep tonight.

But first of all, what’s my blog without all those unnecessary introductions.  First, yes, dear brother, I know that you called your electric guitar ‘Gorgeous’.  That time, though I understand, I can’t exactly relate.  However, when I saw my semi-finished gown made by Gretchen Pichay (she’s not finished yet with the beadworks because, per Pinoy custom, you can’t fit your bridal gown before wedding), I almost said ‘Hey there, Gorgeous’ and, overwhelmed by my happiness for the outcome of my gown, I thought ‘From now on, I’m gonna officially call you Gorgeous because you keep on making me say Hey Gorgeous whenever I see you.’.  So that started my cheesy love affair with my bridal gown… ♥_

Unfortunately, I still can’t post my bridal gown because Noly must not see the gown until before I walk down the aisle.  I want him to be speechless when he sees me, hahaha!  I don’t want him to have any idea at all on what I will look like on our wedding.  I am even demanding a 2-week-prior-to-wedding no communication with him.  So far, he hasn’t agreed to it yet hahaha!

So the main story for this blog is Gorgeous, Jr.  But yet again, another backgrounder from me.  For the longest time, my bridal shoes has been a mini problem.  Fact:  I’m not very fond of heeled shoes and I was dreading that this will ruin my wedding day.  I also can’t find that perfect red shoes from our local stores.  I was like, ‘too shiny, too tall, too plain, too uncomfortable’.  Then w@w sisters have recommended three suppliers of customized shoes.  Checked all three but I only fell in love with the works of Steph Castro.  That time, I was only able to see two photos of her works (both are shoes of w@w brides) but I was convinced that she HAS to make my shoes.

So I inquired, afraid that it’s gonna cost me a fortune just for my shoes (‘afraid’ because I know that if such is the case, I just have to let go).  Surprisingly, she told me that her shoes are P3,500 max (final amount still depends on the materials)!  So I said, ‘Hmmm… that’s more or less how much the shoes at the stores cost.’  So I was happy to book her (tho you won’t be paying for the shoes until pick-up)!

I met up with Steph some two weeks ago and she was just so charming.  She is always giggly and very, very nice.  You can easily get comfortable talking to her because she talks to you as if you’re a long-time friend.  She showed me some photos so that I can choose, which one is most appealing to me.  I chose the flowery one and just told her that I just want it to look very kikay.  In any case, she just wanted lang naman for me to choose so that she’ll know my taste – she’ll then design according to this.  My major request was that it should be comfortable even with the heels.  She told me that what makes a heeled shoe uncomfortable is when you stand still for a long time.  Constantly walking won’t be too tiring though.  However, she’s got this special trick to minimize the discomfort: having that uhmmm… I can’t remember how she calls it… ‘hidden platform’ (?) at the front of the shoe.

Two weeks later, voila!  She called me to say that she already has the finished product and that she’s too excited to show me!  When I saw it, omg, it was STUNNING!  I suuuuper love it!  And just like my love at first sight with my bridal gown, I just HAVE to call her Gorgeous, Jr.

Anyway, sorry for the loooooonnnnngggg intro.  Here she is… YIPEEEE!!!

Front View

Back View

Side View

Isn’t she GORGEOUS?  

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Hey girls!  Here’s a link of an informative and very helpful wedding tool for us brides.  Check out this link:



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Why is it that it’s easy to give opinions to another person but if you have to decide for yourself things just get so complicated???  So here I am, trying to make up my mind (and must do it NOW) on the cake design but I just can’t zero in on one.  So I’m posting the finalists but I am VERY open to ideas and designs.  These are just the results of my googling…help!

well just the classic old-fashioned cake

then more soft, classic designs..

then the retro designs…

and then some more vintage-y cakes

goodness…ive to decide soon! >_<

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