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So we got married, then I got preggers, then I gave birth to a cute, healthy baby boy ❤ ❤ <3… now, the planning for his baptism must start… gosh, this is wedding planning all over again!  Problem is, we have to have it in Cavite because there’s a new (?) rule that you only get to have the baptism at your parish church.  So I’ve got very limited reception venues now.  Of course, there’s the budget to consider also.  >_<  I hope to update you about this and I hope that I’ll get PMs re suggested venues around Imus.  =D


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A Quick Update

It’s been years since I last posted in my blog.  I owe my suppliers and the w@w brides a review of our wedding suppliers.  I plan to post them here but I just didn’t/don’t have the time, especially now that we are blessed with Uno, our bundle of joy.  =)

So I’ll try to post a review of each supplier, which performed outstandingly, everyday – one at a time.  Yes, I won’t post a review of those who failed to meet my expectations.  I don’t want to give them bad reviews anymore especially since it’s been years since our wedding (who knows, they may have already improved their services!).

So there.  =)

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